Built in 1900/1901, the McAdam Station and Hotel is truly a piece of New Brunswick's history. Unfortunately, but for the people of McAdam itself and a small number of supporters, it also seems to be a forgotten piece of New Brunswick history. Despite the best efforts of the residents of McAdam (some 1500 strong), the classic building is empty and falling into disrepair. I won't try to give a complete history of the station here but, suffice it to say, it is well worth saving.
Image of McAdam Station and hotelMy sister, Lynn, fell in love with the McAdam Station and Hotel during a visit to New Brunswick this summer. She's a determined person, my sister, and she's got a lot of ideas as to how she might be able to help with the restoration of this historic building.

An image of the platform at McAdam station
(Photographs by Lynn Walma)