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Mark Walma
Words by Walma offers the best in innovative Creative Services, including custom writing, professional quality editing of your work and similar arts. For information on these and other services, please click on the "Creative Services" link to the left.

This website also features the creative work of Mark W. Walma, the sole proprietor of Words by Walma, as well as several blogs and materials related to my several interests. To find out more, please check out the following features of this website, with links located in the window to the left of this screen:

A Writer's Blog: A blog about anything, anything at all, including the act of writing;

McAdam Station and Hotel: introducing Abigail Massey and trying to find ways to help support the refurbishment of this fabulous New Brunswick landmark;

The Way Forward: a wholly new novel based on several lesser characters from the Harry Potter series that will be written (and revised) in front of your very eyes;

Backyard Birds: (often poor) photos of birds that have been kind enough to make an appearance in our backyard at our feeders;

Feathers In Fredericton: again, some often poor photos, this time of birds and other wildlife we've encountered in and around the beautiful city of Fredericton;

Video: A page that connects you to interesting videos shot around New Brunswick, mostly of our dog, Marlee.

And more!

I also have several other blogs located on other sites, including the following (links provided in the description: just click and go!):

Another Writer's Blog: A blog more focused on the challenges faced by an aspiring author;

Photography 365: A Year-Long Photographic Journey in New Brunswick; and

Potter Thoughts: A just-for-fantatics discussion of all things Harry Potter.